CONVO is the premier annual event of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois and includes the Midwest's largest industry tradeshow. The event is designed for agents to come together for connections, networking, education, industry trends and, of course, fun.


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CONVO 2019 IIAPAC Donations hit $19,000!

Thanks to everyone who placed a winning bid, bought a raffle ticket, participated in the golf challenge, or made a direct donation!

As members of the insurance community, we are dedicated to our industry’s mission and the level of care for our clients. Increasingly, key decisions affecting our ability to fulfill this mission are being made by elected officials in Springfield. Insurance providers and small business owners struggle daily against constant attacks that make it more difficult to operate in this State.

I encourage you, as a leader in your community, to become involved in our state political action committee, IIAPAC. Supporting IIAPAC this year is one of the most important ways we can become involved and prevent potentially harmful legislations.

One simple way for you to show your support is to contribute to the IIAPAC. Any contribution will make a significant difference in our efforts to help shape a supportive state leadership and legislature.

Supporting IIAPAC sends a powerful message to candidates about issues that are important to you with regards to the insurance industry. We have this opportunity to make sure that our concerns are heard at the Illinois State Capitol. Supporting the IIAPAC is one way you can be sure that insurance providers and small business owners will have a meaningful voice.