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Alyson Van Hooser is a leadership keynote speaker and trainer at Van Hooser Associates, a leadership development company developing highly effective leaders at all levels in the 21st Century workplace. Alyson is a trusted resource for companies and associations in the food service and financial industries, as well as, government, emerging leader, and women in business events. She delivers presentations and training that equip and inspire teams and individuals to harness the power of effective leadership to drive performance and profits. 

Because she was dealt a tough hand in life, Alyson developed a deep understanding and an unmatched passion for teaching others to own the responsibility to control their success. Alyson is committed to teaching others the foundation, methods, and steps to positively transform their life and their business. 


On her own since she was a child, Alyson hasn’t let that stop her. She is a former city councilwoman, banker, insurance advisor, manager, wife and mother of three - all before the age of 28. These life experiences have ignited a passion for understanding leadership, generational differences, communication, and personal development success. 

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